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Toddy Furrington | A jazz age bear in a tweed suit

Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak Visit


We were jolly lucky to have Poppeteer’s Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak come and visit us earlier this year. We went out exploring castles and pubs and ruins and pubs and all sorts. It was so nice to get to know them.

There are a surprising number of castles near the riverbank and I took Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak exploring. Mini Snuffy enjoyed the castles and ruins very much. Mini Tweak asked if there was a pub nearby.

We had some nice bright winter days that were perfect for a nice walk. We went along the Wye Valley to Tintern Abbey was founded in 1131 and closed four hundred years later in the “Dissolution of the Monasteries” by Henry VIII. The Minis said they had a nice time exploring it.

Mini Tweak said thank goodness there is a nice pub over the road from the Abbey and they serve a jolly nice range of beers. We warmed our paws and had lunch before walking further along the Wye Valley.

Another day another adventure. I took the Minis to Avebury to see the 4500 year old stone circle. I think Avebury is unique in being the only village inside a stone circle, which is the largest circle in the UK. It was quite moving to walk the stone circle and think it has stood in the Wiltshire landscape for thousands of years.

Mini Tweak was quite excited to explore the Red Lion, a 400 year old pub haunted by the ghost of Florrie, a 17th century civil war woman. The Red Lion is the only pub inside a stone circle in the UK and probably in the world. Mini Tweak said the beer was quite nice.

One last big adventure before the Minis left. We went to the West Midlands Safari park for a Tweetup with Tour Guide Ted and Reddy from Twitter. We had a jolly exciting day and got really close to the animals. That’s a real lioness sitting only feet away from the car oh my! We saw lions and tigers but the only bears were stuffies ho, ho.

Mini Tweak helped us a lot with the riverbank wine cellar. He drank most of our dusty old vintage wine and left the shiny new younger wine. It was a pleasure to have Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak visit us and when we waved goodbye they headed on to visit Kolo on the Isle of Wight. When Mini Tweak left our wine merchant cried. A lot.





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Biddy and Buttons

A jolly nice start to the day and I was excited to go and visit my furend Biddy and his Hug. It was an easy drive with a little traffic as the valet and I bowled along the narrow country lanes nearer and nearer the sea. Biddy’s number one bear Tom had dressed in a fine suit for our Tweet-up and looked ever so posh.

Tom puts his best foot forward

After introductions and a good chat we got ready for tea and a picnic in the garden. Tom and Wendy helped everyone into clothes for the garden and I had a good talk with Teeny Weeny who is a really charming little chap.

Tom Wendy Toddy and TW in kitchen

We had own picnic and were relaxing with tea in the sunshine. Do you see the nice pink bow that Biddy gave to Ronja? Biddy and Ronja are “pinky pals” or best furends.

Tea with Tom

Biddy and I had a good long chat while the cubs ran around the garden together with Nanny and Tom looking after them. It was great to hear the giggles and whoops as they ran around. Biddy is very mellow and I was very happy to catch up with him.

Toddy and Biddy

While Biddy showed me around the garden, Nanny Rosella and her nephew Jazz sat in the sun with another cup of tea. Nanny says Jazz has grown into a fine Dinker and was so very happy to see him.

Jazz and Nanny chatting

We got to meet Buttons who is a lovely little pony. He showed us his field and took us for a ride. Ronja says she is a qualified rider now because she was at the front, but I think Buttons just took us where we needed to go and didn’t need any steering.

Tom Toddy Wendy and Ronja on Button

I was so happy to see Forest the lamb. She was so very poorly when she was born and we didn’t think she would make it through the night. Biddy’s mom looked after her, feeding her through the night, letting her know she was loved and wanted. Now look… Forest is growing into a nice young lady.

Toddy riding Forest

We had a smashing visit to see Biddy and it was a jolly nice day. Thank you for letting us come for the day.

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Newton Abbott Bear Fair 2016

A jolly nice sunny Sunday for a drive to the Newton Abbott bear fair and meeting Dee and new Dinkers. It was a long way for an elderly chap but we stopped for a nice cup of tea half way.


We arrived in good time and skipped ahead of the queue with The Tony Person to see the Dinker Stall all set up and ready for new Dinker owners to fall in love with the little bears. I could see Potty and Bertram and couldn’t wait to catch up with them.

Toddy and the Dinker Stall 640

Ronja and I hopped up onto the Dinkers Stall and everyone was so very nice. The Dinkers are the friendliest bears I know and they made us most welcome.

Toddy Ronja and Dinkers 640

After a little while Tulip and Cyril (who I know from Twitter) arrived from the train station and pretty soon we were all gossiping and meeting the new Dinkers.

All on the Dinker Stall 640

Can you see the Dinkerettes? Little tiny Dinkers but packed with love and lots of giggles. Dee had made Kara for me (the blonde Dinkerette in front) but I hadn’t met Honey or Fenrir until the bear fair. We had a good chat and they decided they would all like to come and join us at the riverbank Hug.

Dinkerettes -  Honey Fenrir and Kara 640

Potty spotted the open bar and quick as a flash led us over for some pictures. The Newton Abbot race grounds are a smashing place for bears to meet up and relax. With a jaunty “come on!” Potty ran along the bar top.

Theres no stopping Potty 640

The other chaps soon caught up, Tulip, Cyril, Tito, Miranda, Abe Fuzzy, Bertram and Ronja. A nice photo op and of course a chance to get some drinks at the bar ho, ho.

Bar time 640

Cyril and I had a quiet sit down and talked about our gardens. Cyril has sent us sunflower seeds from his fabulous flowers last year and the cubs are very excited about growing seedlings this summer. Cyril is a wonderful chap and I was very happy I got to meet him.

Cyril and Toddy 640

We all had a wonderful day at Newton Abbot and two of the Dinkers decided they would like to come and live at the riverbank Hug. The first was Grandpa Wilson who is a smashing Dinker and a real charmer.

Grandpa Wilson 640

The second Dinker to join the riverbank Hug this weekend was Tinker who has mad ginger hair just like Arth Doeth and we knew she must come home with us. She is absolutely adorable and is learning all of Arth Doeth’s Dinker wisdom as his apprentice. We had a wonderful tweetup and were jolly pleased to see Dee and meet Tulip.

Tinker with Arth Doeth 640

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FurryTails Casino Night

Dust off your dinner jacket and shine up your dress shoes, put on your spats and join us at #FurryTails for a night of Casino fun! We put some gaming tables into the main room beside the bar and set up the roulette table and prepared for fun!

Casino Night 640

We were jolly lucky to have Coffee (@coffeeShihTzu) and Pip (@pip_mouse) helping on the tables. They spun wheels and dealt cards and jollied everyone along, it was a joy to watch. I introduced the stage acts (we had Elvis and Ella Fitzgerald amongst other greats of the Casino scene) and bustled around handing out chips.


Has the night drew to a close even I had a go on the tables… I’m not entirely sure how the games work to be honest so I rolled my dice on the roulette table and everyone seemed to be a winner. I think it was a smashing evening and I hope chaps had a fun time

Toddy Table 640

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It was a jolly nice Easter this year at #FurryTails and it was also Albert’s (@ATGBear) 100th birthday! We started Easter with a grand Egg Hunt, I wonder if you can spot how many hidden eggs there are in the picture?

Easter Egg Hunt 640

The cubs ran around looking for eggs all over the garden. It was great fun to hear their giggles and whoops and watching them chase around. Bertie Dinker found his first chocolate egg peeking through the flowers and goodness did he laugh!

Poogle Dinker spotted one that was a little harder to get at… he climbed into the bush and it swayed and wiggled and he laughed and giggled! He was reaching out slowly and carefully… and then it was his!

Inspired by Poogle, Cubert Dinker looked high and low – and spotted one in the birch sapling! Quick as an eel, Cubert shimmied up the trunk and was working out how to reach his chocolate egg. I think he has something of the Twecckle spirit in him.

All the cubs had a lot of fun and joined in with the grand Easter Egg Hunt. Abe Fuzzy was delighted with his chocolate egg – it’s almost bigger than he is and was jolly well hidden by Tonnipur Dinker ho, ho.

I hope that your Easter was a jolly happy one.

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Newton Abbot Train Fair

There was a Train and Toy fair at the Newton Abbot race course and I packed some sandwiches and the valet into the automobile and headed out into the mist. It was a jolly long way and we were jolly excited to visit a race course!

It was jolly nice to see Dee (@SherfordBear) at the Newton Abbot fair and to chat with a wonderful collection of new Dinkers. Aren’t they wonderful? All the other stalls for this fair seemed to be focussed on toy trains, which are nice enough, but goodness Dinkers are much nicer! Can you spot me on the stall?

Oh my goodness you should have seen all the Twecckles. Lots and lots of Twecckles! All different colours and all giggling and chatting and happy. I do so love Twecckles and think every bear should have a Twecckle furend!

I had a word with the Dinkers and asked if any would like to come home to #FurryTails and the riverbank with me. I was hoping some bears would like to join our little Hug and happily three of them decided to come along. Firstly there was Tonnipur Dinker who is a jolly practical sort of bear. He is so clever at fixing and making things, he said he would give us a paw at the riverside.

I was jolly happy to know Kernow Dinker. He is the first “surf dude” Dinker  I have met and so relaxed and laid back. Think Shaggy (from the Scooby Doo team) and you pretty much have Kernow. He is funny and chilled and brilliant. We have a surf board for Kernow and he has been waxing it ready for the summer waves! Look at that face… Kernow is a smashing Dinker.

One more Dinker came home to the riverbank with me. Tall and wild furred and mad about science fiction. I got on jolly well with Perran Dinker and he has been digging deep into the SciFi section of the #FurryTails Library. I had a wonderful day out at Newton Abbot and am so very happy to know these new Dinkers!

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Beanie Dinker

Beanie is a little Dinker and heard about the fun her cousins Indy and Fjord were having in the Hug and decided she would like to come and live with us! I was most happy with that and pretty soon Beanie was on her way to us! One or two of the Hug gathered to meet Beanie…

Beanie Arrives

It was hard to hear anything over the chattering of the cubs but if you listened carefully you could hear Beanie singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall…” ah… a timeless classic. I knew I would like this free spirit ho, ho.


Of course Beanie was keen to catch up with her Dinker cousins Fjord and Indie and tell them all the latest from Sherford Valley. I think Beanie, Fjord and Indy have the most wonderful fur don’t you?

Beanie Indy and Fjord

A brave and fearless little Dinker, Beanie was soon fast friends with Lyra Bengal. She is a bear who loves animals and said the cats are really nice and hardly fierce at all. Ho, ho I think she must have the heart of a lion tamer! Welcome to the Hug Beanie!

Beanie and Lyra

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Indy and Fjord

When I met Harrison Dinker at Plympton and chatted about his cousins Fjord and Indy I just knew they would be right at home by the riverside. We had a little wait and everyone in the Hug were keen to meet the new bears. They arrived on a jolly nice sunny day and as we gathered around the parcel we could hear brother and sister Dinkers inside chatting away. Such a happy feeling!

Fjord and Indy Arrive 640


Soon Fjord Dinker and his sister Indy were out of the parcel and getting (and giving) hugs all around. These two are certainly not shy and retiring Dinkers, but the life and soul of the party. Real explorers and happy to make new friends wherever they go! The cubs were delighted to meet them and there was a lot of chatter and giggles I can tell you!

Indy and Fjord Hugs 640

Most of the Dinkers have a special Twecckle friend has you may know, and Indy has a Twecckle friend called Rowan who is so very like her. Fjord’s best Twecckle friend is a little Twecckle Twiglet called Satchmo (after the immortal Louis Armstrong) and we were all delighted to meet the new Twecckles and get to know them.

Indy and Fjord with Twecckles

Fjord and Indy soon settled into the Hug and I can’t imagine being without them. Aren’t they jolly nice Dinkers?

Fjord and Indy pick chocolate 640


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Plympton Dinkers

On a bright day at the end of November the Valet drove me to the Plympton Craft Fair to meet Dee @Sherfordbear and see the Dinkers getting ready for Christmas. It was jolly exciting to see Potty again and we had a jolly good chat and caught up on our news.

Toddy and Potty at Plympton

It was smashing to see all these happy, cheerful Dinkers and Twecckles and although I knew some would be leaving with me; I wish I could take them all home! The first bear who would be coming home from Plympton was Nanny Rosella . She would be a great help with the cubs and would become part of our life at#FurryTails.

Rosella at FurryTails

Then there was quiet scholarly Reginald. He had been patiently waiting for his home and I knew he would love the #FurryTails library as much as I do. Reginald is jolly interested in astronomy and we got the telescope set up on the decking for him. I’m sure Reginald will love it at #FurryTails.

Reginald 640

I had hoped to bring home little Harrison but a fellow Dinker fan had spotted him and they became fast furends. Dee told me his brofur Fjord would love to come to #FurryTails and I was excited and looking forward to meeting him (and his twin sisfur Indy). Lots of Twecckles came to stay as well! It was a jolly exciting visit to Plympton. I sat on the Dinker stall with Potty until the afternoon.

Toddy and Potty on the stand

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FurryTails Ice Rink

We had a smashing time with the unveiling of the new #FurryTails ice rink! We cleared a space in the loft above the rowing boats in the boat house and with a spot of paint and a new floor we soon had the rink up and running. To introduce the ice rink Cuddles and Chalky set up the mobile catering unit and we had a hotdogs and hot pork subs and a jolly nice hot food and cocoa for all.

Ice Rink - Food 640The #FurryTails ice rink is now open every day to guests and chaps can skate to their hearts content. The opening pawty was jolly good fun and I’d like to thank everyone who joined in the spirit of the thing and got their skates on!

Ice Rink Chaps 640

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